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The Need for SBX Youth Services

In the face of poverty and educational disparities, SBX Youth Services stands as a beacon of hope for our community's young people. We are fueled by the belief that each child holds the potential to transform their future and contribute meaningfully to society.

Our commitment is to bridge the gaps of inequality, turning the tide for the one in five children in California living in poverty. We devote our efforts to those facing the greatest challenges, providing services uniquely crafted to uplift, inspire, and empower. Every young person in our community, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the chance to grow, learn, and succeed.

We offer academic support, mentorship, and community engagement to equip our youth with the tools to succeed. Through these efforts, we're not only transforming individual lives but also cultivating a resilient community.

Our promise is simple: No matter where you come from, we believe in your potential, your dreams, and your future. Because at SBX, we are convinced that investing in our youth today means fostering the changemakers of tomorrow.

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For a full academic year

1-on-1 Mentoring

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Each student will receive group, or one-on-one mentoring. All students will have a trained mentor who will meet with them for a minimum of one hour a week for a full academic year. Mentors will also be available to conduct school and class visits to provide additional positive reinforcement. Researchers have found that youth ages 10 to 16 whose relationships lasted at least one year experienced substantial benefits, with significant improvements in feelings of self-worth, perceived social acceptance, perceived scholastic competence, the value placed on school, and the quality of relationships with parents as well as decreases in drug and alcohol use as compared with non-mentored youths. Given the barriers to advancement they face, young males are particularly in need of these developmental supports.



Culture & History

Rites of


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A space to voice themselves

Youth Action Team

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future leaders in the making

Leadership Development

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African-American students build resiliency through understanding their culture, history and greatness. By exploring their identity and power as a people, they will develop positive lifestyles and solutions to life's challenges by recognizing their strengths, talents and abilities. Rites of Passage focuses on Black youth empowerment. We reintroduce our youth to their culture, history, and greatness by guiding them in exploring their identity, purpose. and presence. Our approach helps develop an awareness and appreciation of Black culture. Interested in learning more? Call or email us today!

Teaching our youth why their voices matter, engaging them in the process, and changing the systems to work for them. Our youth advocacy and organizing team is helping teach the skills youth need to make change happen. Check out our events page to see what workshops and events we are offering for the month! All are free to attend. Interested in joining our youth action group? Email us at

Many students find themselves without the motivation to achieve both in and outside of the classroom. By establishing sustained and trusting relationships, students are more likely to request and accept academic assistance and advice. Through incremental steps, students will place more value in their education and begin to establish positive goals overtime.

Last year, over 400 students were mentored on a weekly basis. In our mentoring program each student receives 1-on-1 or group mentoring for 1 hr a week throughout a full academic year with a trained mentor. Want to join the program? Call or email us today to learn more.

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Join us for a six week summer program and learn skills in virtual design, artificial intelligence, 3D design and printing, interpersonal skills, collaboration skills, career building, and entrepreneurship. 

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