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The BRAAF program at SBX Youth and Family Services provides a holistic approach to resilience-building for African American young men aged 11-13 and their families, through a blend of rites of passage education, social-emotional learning, parent empowerment resources, support groups, and onsite Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


The BRAAF program, through SBX Youth and Family Services, implements a multidimensional approach towards uplifting African American youth and their families by combining the Africentric Rites Of Passage (ROP) program, evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interventions, and family-centric Guiding Good Choices (GGC) strategies, delivered by trained youth development workers and mental health clinicians at no cost to participants.

Rites of Passage 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Access

Guiding Good Choices

After School Program

Parent Support Group

Family Enhancement

Family Empowerment 
"Ubuntu Feast"

Clinical Therapy Access

Meet The Team


Dr. Tanisha Robinson


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