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SBX’s Board of Directors Appoint Vice Presidents: Berenice Zuniga and Darrell A. Peeden as CO-CEOs

This transition marks a milestone in the history of SBX and an opportunity for continued stability, growth, and innovation.

Moreno Valley, California, November 28, 2022. SBX announced today that Vice President of Programs, Berenice Zuniga and Vice President of Finance and Administration, Darrell A. Peeden, MPP have been appointed the new CO-CEOs of SBX Youth and Family Services. As experienced leaders within SBX and the community, Zuniga and Peeden will succeed Dr. Corey A. Jackson and assume responsibilities as of November 25th. After 10 years as CEO, Dr. Corey A. Jackson has been elected to the California State Assembly representing District 60.

Berenice Zuniga has worked as a Mentor, Program Manager and Vice President of Programs, and has been working as a staff member for seven years.

Darrell A. Peeden has worked as Director of External affairs and Vice President of Finance and Administration for 5 years.

Although Zuniga and Peeden have extensive professional experience in their past and current roles as staff members, both Zuniga and Peeden are Co-founders of SBX. Their journey with SBX started when SBX was founded in 1998 at Rialto High School where each of them were recruited into the organization as high school youth in 1999.

“Berenice and Darrell both have my full confidence to lead SBX into the future as they have done since we were youth at Rialto High School.” - Dr. Corey A. Jackson


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