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Did you know that 14.7% of Riverside county residents have asthma? That’s approximately 333,000 residents! Are you one of the 333,000? BreatheIE can help! BreatheIE is a FREE asthma program that gives you the tips and tricks on how to better your asthma so that you can #breatheeasier! We give FREE recipe books for non-toxic cleaning and help you save money by teaching you how to properly use medication. Although we are not qualified to prescribe or administer medications, we can refer you to affordable clinics in your area to get you the help you need! What are you waiting for? Better your asthma today by signing up below. Services are available to San Bernardino and Riverside county residents!


Do you suffer from uncontrollable asthma? Would you like to find out ways to reduce it?

We are here to help you and your family find ways to reduce asthma triggers in your home!

All you have to do is register below and tell us a little bit of information about yourself.

One of our Community Health Workers will call you to set up your first virtual or in-person home visit. All visits are FREE!

Watch this Intro Video! 

Meet your Community Health Workers!

Keila Mazariegos


As a Community Health Worker (CHW), I am so excited to meet with families and tell them tips and tricks on how to better their asthma! It’s crazy to think how the simplest of changes can create so much impact! Let me be your asthma advocate and sign up to learn more today!


Elle Jones

I really love my job as a Community Health Worker because I am also an asthma patient who grew up without a lot of the information that I am now able to share with clients. Now, I have a chance to make a difference in the lives of people affected by asthma and empower them to be advocates for themselves and their families. So, I can’t wait for you to sign up so we can get started!